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Oasis is wonderful and incredibly responsive. Oasis has communicated more with us in the past 3 months than my previous company did in 2 years. I would highly recommend them.

Laura Goldstein

Outstanding! They are on time, and thorough. I feel like there is a very personal interest in the work they perform for me.

Diane Hartmann

Oasis is wonderful! Their mosquito program saved our outdoor space last year and I cant wait to see what they can do with our lawn this year!

Ben Huffman

Since switching my service from TruGreen to Oasis Turf & Tree I haven't had a weed problem and my grass is looking better than ever!

Gordon & Nancy Horn

You have made my yard look awesome! Very professional on the phone and easy to reach.

Ben Weber

Oasis Turf & Tree delivers on their promises with excellent service!

James Rivard

The lawn is actually looking better than it ever has in the 14 years we have owned the property. My neighbors comment on the improvements on their daily walks.

Juanita Grinter

We had a large infestation of fleas this year and Oasis jumped on it. And the yard looks the best it's ever looked since we moved here!

Malcolm Ballard

They did a fabulous job on my lawn!

Juana Dawson

Oasis Turf & Tree rocks! It's a great family-ran company who cares about both their family of customers & employees.

Travis Vaske

My experience with Oasis Turf & Tree has been very good. They deliver what they promise. Their customer care is excellent. I have tried other lawn care services but no one has come close to Oasis Turf & Tree.

Ayub Khan

I've had Oasis for the first time this year. They were recommended to me by a neighbor. The grass is already turning dark green. The ground ivy is finally going away as well after my long battle of trying to DIY.

Daniel Cooley

Grass looks real good, the technician has done a wonderful job and customer service was very helpful. Thank you Oasis!

Victor Williams

Very friendly and very knowledgeable. They explained all steps and the products being used.

Chris Gilbert

I've been using Oasis for about 3 or 4 years now and I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. The service guys are great. They really do a great job communicating with me and my yard looks great. When they started, our yard was half weeds and by the end of that treatment year, it was all green grass. They are all very well mannered and very pleasant to deal with. Nice job! I'd highly recommend this company.

Patti Jervis

They are the best in the game. Every single person I've dealt with has been extremely knowledgeable and never left me without an answer. My yard has never looked this good. My yard looks like something from a commercial. Seriously, use Oasis, they are the best!

Michael Keller

Great company. Amazing service from the first call. I originally called to just get an estimate and overall idea of the services provided. The gentleman I spoke with was very knowledgeable and kind. I ended up calling back the next day to set up services. First treatment worked good. Our yard showed improvement within weeks of the treatment. Would recommend them to anyone!

Barbara Oehler

Always reliable, professional, and willing to listen to the customer. Each person takes pride and excellence in the their work and profession. I have recommended this service to friends and family on every occasion possible.

Collette Eisen

After completing the first years worth of treatment, we were excited to see the improvements this spring. We are sticking to their plan, and it is paying dividends.

Lee Brown

We have been using Oasis for the two and a half years we have lived in our house, and they keep our yard looking amazing year round. They are affordable and keep our grass looking great without us needed to remember to do anything or contact them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a lawn care provider to keep their lawn looking one of the best on the block!

Laura Ghory

Oasis does a good job communicating with us. The yard looks good and healthy. The few times weeds became a problem before the next treatment a simple phone call and they were there to take care of the problem.

Larry & Tammy Schneider

Oasis Turf & Tree has taken the hassle out of maintaining my lawn's nutrients and weed control.  I appreciate their calls ahead and the detailed explanations that their technicians leave about their application. As a small business owner too, it's nIce to support a local company.

Rob Yoxthimer

I've been using Oasis Turf & Tree for 2 years and I'm extremely happy with their competitive pricing, and the lawn care service.  They have always been helpful, and easy to work with.

Carolyn McAlpin

For the last two years I have hardly had one mosquito bite since you began treating my yard. Prior to that I could not go out in the evening without covering myself with repellent. Plus the gentleman who does the spraying is very polite and does a very thorough job.

Steve Erickson

I started with Oasis numerous years ago. After about four years, my lawn looked so good that I decided to let it go back to nature - No Oasis. After two years of that, my lawn was looking so shaggy that I called Oasis and said, "I need your service bad. Come save my lawn!" They came and I have been a happy customer ever since. They give great customer service and it works. When I mentioned that all the weeds didn't go away in a few spots, they made a special trip to treat for those weeds. Oasis is a valuable and needed service and I am happy to be their customer.

Larry M.

Oasis keeps my shrubs, roses, and ornamentals healthy and also free of insect and diseases. They are very conscientious in their service and notify me of any abnormal looking problem with my landscape. I would recommend Oasis to anyone who cares about keeping their landscaping looking great!

Steve Paullus

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