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Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they also pose substantial health risks to you, your family and property guests. Occurrences of diseases such as Zika Virus, Encephalitis and West Nile Virus (just to name a few) are increasing as mosquito populations rise and transmit these infections.

You may think that not much can be done about mosquitoes other than spraying repellents on your skin, wearing long sleeves or hiding indoors, but there is actually an effective and safe mosquito control strategy that will work and allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor living areas again!

Mosquitoes spend most of their time either waiting for a meal or trying to shelter themselves. They sit for hours on landscape plantings and nearby structures like the undersides of decks to keep from drying out. When they detect carbon dioxide being exhaled by people nearby, they begin to move in to feed.

However, mosquitoes are very weak fliers, needing to touch down and rest every 5-10 feet, landing once again on these surfaces. This creates a great opportunity for mosquito control services to do their job.

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Mosquito control sprays will apply material to the areas where these pests frequent. In fact, Oasis Turf & Tree’s mosquito control program will reduce mosquitoes by 90%! You’ll even start seeing results after the very first application! After 5-6 weeks, the materials are again applied to kill mosquitoes that continue to hatch on your Ohio or N. Kentucky property.

Home Shield Mosquito Control Program

  • The Mosquito Control Program is a 4-application program that runs from late spring through early fall when mosquitoes are active to safely control these dangerous pests.
  • Each application targets mosquito hot spots such as:  low tree branches, shrubs and ornamental grasses, and undersides of decks.

Protect your family and guests, taking back your yard and enjoying the outdoors again! Our customers love our mosquito control services and you will too!

Bundle Mosquito Control Services and Save!

If you enjoy the benefits of our Perimeter Pest Control or Tree & Shrub Program, you can ADD MOSQUITO CONTROL FOR JUST $30 MORE per visit!

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