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Tree & Shrub Care for Responsible Homeowners

Experience a vibrant, colorful landscape that enhances the beauty of your home.

Restored Soil Health

Protection from Insects

Peace of Mind

Why is Maintaining a Landscape So Overwhelming?

Home Construction Site

Will the soil around your home support proper plant health?

Beetles Destroying Shrubs

Are insects destroying your landscape?

Confused Home Owner

Are you confident your plants are properly cared for?

You Shouldn’t Have To Become An Expert


Getting A Vibrant, Color Landscape Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult


You should be able to find someone who will responsibly address pests and diseases while naturally improving the soil so your trees and shrubs can thrive.


Your Simple Solution!

Spraying underneath shrub

Soil Health

Oasis Soil Health Bionutrition injections work to restore soil health.

Healthy Roses

Insect Protection

Properly timed visits help protect against damaging insects.

Showing a customer an area of interest

Expert Guidance

Your tree & shrub expert will provide guidance for a healthier landscape.

We understand maintaining a landscape can be overwhelming.

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20,000 Homeowners Trust Us to Help Them

600+ reviews 5 Star Reviews

We absolutely recommend Oasis Turf! They have wonderful, responsible and respectful employees working there. It was incredible to watch how much greener and more lush our yard is compared to our neighbors in just one year.

Ricky Reyes, Cincinnati, OH

I’ve used other lawn and tree companies in the past and truly no one has compared. Oasis really goes out of their way to make you feel like a valued customer. We very highly recommend.

Maureen Baker, Dayton, OH

We have been very impressed with the results to our lawn. We have been equally impressed with their customer service. Very happy I took fertilizing the lawn off my hands and into the professionals at Oasis. Can’t recommend enough. Excellent company!

Mitchell Schott, Northern KY

Help Us Find the Right Program for You

Tree & Shrub Care

Rest assured your landscape is cared for.

  • 7 Tree & Shrub Health Care Visits
  • Oasis Soil Health Bionutrition
  • Insect Control
  • Specialized Mite Control
  • Expert Advice
  • Free Service Calls

Bundle and Save!

Mosquito Control Add-on

Relax knowing your family is protected.

  • Includes 5 Visits
Perimeter Pest Control Add-on

Breathe easy knowing your home is safe.

  • Includes 5 Visits

Getting Started is Easy!

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Step 1

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Help Us Find the Right Program for You.

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Step 3

Relax While We Help Nurture Your Landscape.

What Makes Oasis So Different?

Traditional tree & shrub care only focuses on the symptoms, not the cause. This creates a never-ending cycle of treating insect and disease damage. Most landscape plants struggle to survive in poor soil conditions. Focusing on soil health reduces the need to treat these symptoms and instead target the underlying cause, the health of your landscape's soil.

Benefits of Focusing on Soil Health


Less Pruning


Less Watering


Less Insect Damage

Less Plant Disease


Less Fertilizer


Less Pesticides

We not only want to make your landscape vibrant and colorful; we want to make it healthy. Our Oasis Soil Health Bionutrition improves the ecosystem of the soil. Improving soil health will reduce your need for watering and pesticides saving you money while protecting the environment.

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9 Notorious Tree & Shrub Problems in Ohio and Northern Kentucky

Don't make the dangerous assumption that your property's trees and shrubs can survive on their own! There are common tree and shrub problems that landscapes in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and Northern Kentucky face on a regular basis. These issues can not only cause plants to decline, but even die. 

This tip sheet will cover:

  • The most notorious plant-damaging problems our area faces
  • Remedies for these common problems
  • Questions you can ask a tree service to make sure you find a good partner
Download Now

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