Tree & Shrub Care in Ohio

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Ohio & N. Kentucky's Tree & Shrub Care Experts

With the help of our tree and shrub care experts, you can relax knowing that your trees and shrubs are getting the proper care. 

With Oasis, you can enjoy a healthier, more beautiful landscape and benefit from the long-term payoff that comes with caring for your investment. In fact, a full year of our Tree & Shrub program often costs less than replacing a single ornamental in your yard!

Our 6-Application Tree & Shrub Program

  • Two slow-release, deep root feedings for a long lasting, healthy landscape. The first application takes place in the spring to protect your evergreens. We’ll apply the second treatment in the fall to cover deciduous ornamentals. The pairing of the two feedings fortifies health for the heat stress of summer and the bitter cold of winter, strengthening resistance to disease and insects that weaker plantings can’t otherwise endure.

  • Four environmentally responsible applications that target insects and mites that cause damage to your landscape without negatively affecting the mites that are beneficial to your property. After all, we want to improve the health of your landscape– not reverse the benefits being provided by Mother Nature! 

Why Choose Oasis for the Job?

When you give us a call for help with tree and shrub care, we look at it as more of a relationship than a job– a relationship with you, your property, and the greater environment. By choosing Oasis, you’ll not only receive our well-rounded 6-application approach; you’ll also benefit from:

  • Having a team that’s easy to work with. We’re committed to excellent service and the results that follow. Whether it’s follow up service calls or additional feedback from your tree and shrub care expert, we go the extra mile to surpass your expectations.
  • An environmentally responsible, longer lasting approach. For healthy trees and shrubs, we believe that it’s necessary to take a natural, holistic approach of building up the soil is necessary for long-term health and growth. This approach means that custom blended bio-nutrition and organic materials go into each feeding along with macro- and micro-nutrients to condition the soil for the long-term development and health of your trees and shrubs.
  • We’re proactive, not reactive. We spray for insects based on where and when treatment is needed before issues can start. We even include a treatment for scale problems on your trees!

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