Free Lawn Care, Pest Control and Tree & Shrub Care Resources

Looking for in-depth information relating to lawn care, pest control or tree and shrub care? We've got you covered. Check out some of the free guides and tip sheets from Oasis Turf & Tree! 

Lawn Care Resources

The Ultimate Lawn Care Hiring Guide

New Call-to-actionAre you trying to figure out which lawn care company and its program is best for your home? This helpful and in-depth guide is packed full of information to help you understand how to select the right company and to compare programs.

This guide will cover:

  • How to compare lawn care programs and companies
  • Which products are must-haves for your lawn
  • Lawn care guarantees, discounts, and payment terms
  • Lawn care pricing and more!


7 Ways to Get a Thicker & Greener Lawn

Tips to get a thicker and greener lawn in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, or N. KentuckyIs your lawn thin, pale, and not all you hoped it would be? There are many causes of weak, off-color lawns and in order to get the lawn of your dreams, it's important to get to the root cause. 

This tip sheet will cover:

  • Causes for thinning or off-color grass
  • What you can do on your own to improve your lawn
  • Which lawn care treatments really make a big impact on color and vigor


4 Tips for Conquering Lawn Weeds

Tips to get rid of weeds in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, or N. KentuckyIs your lawn under siege from weeds? Are they creeping in or popping up and ruining your grass? There are some great (and not well-known) tips beyond just spraying these weeds when you see them. 

This tip sheet will cover:

  • How and why weeds become so difficult for most people to get under control
  • Tactics to get rid of weeds and keep them out of your lawn
  • How your lawn's soil impacts the amount of weeds you will have in your lawn


Pest Control Resources

Mosquito Control & Prevention Tip Sheet

New Call-to-actionAre pesky mosquitoes not allowing you to enjoy outdoor areas to their fullest? These pests are not only a major summertime nuisance, but they pose serious health risks. Learn how to reduce mosquitoes on your property and the best tips for preventing bites.

This tip sheet will cover:

  • How to identify areas where mosquito larvae hatch and what to do about them
  • Where adult, flying mosquitoes hide and how they find people to feed on
  • Great questions to ask Mosquito Control companies to achieve the best results


Pest Control & Prevention Tip Sheet

Pest Are pests like ants, spiders, and centipedes making their way inside your home? Check out this helpful tip sheet to learn more about preventing these pests and when to seek additional help from a professional. 

This tip sheet will cover:

  • How to identify areas where pests commonly enter and remedies for prevention
  • Options for pest control treatments in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH and Northern Kentucky
  • Great questions to ask Pest Control companies to achieve the best results


Tree & Shrub Care Resources

9 Notorious Tree & Shrub Problems Tip Sheet

Tree and shrub problems in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and N. KentuckyDon't make the dangerous assumption that your property's trees and shrubs can survive on their own! There are common tree and shrub problems that landscapes in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and Northern Kentucky face on a regular basis. These issues can not only cause plants to decline, but even die. 

This tip sheet will cover:

  • The most notorious plant-damaging problems our area faces
  • Remedies for these common problems
  • Questions you can ask a tree service to make sure you find a good partner