About Oasis Turf & Tree

A Fateful Tale

When Rob Reindl set sail as a young man to pursue a career in financial services, he discovered fairly quickly that he was heading in the wrong direction and his passion was elsewhere.


Rob found himself exceedingly full of energy, pacing around the office with the walls seemingly closing in on him. His passion for the outdoors and memories of working in the family garden as a young man beckoned to him. And in late 1996, he traded in his desk for a pickup truck and an array of lawn care and landscape equipment.

Working during the day, and taking turfgrass and horticulture classes at night, Rob started his new company, Oasis Lawn & Landscape. The new venture provided Rob and his new team with a chance to experience the beautiful outdoors while creating serene outdoor living areas throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

In 2005, Rob’s growing passion for the health of lawns and ornamental plantings led him to drop the company’s landscaping service offerings, and the new  and focused, Oasis Turf & Tree emerged.

Rob and his hand-picked team is passionate not just about growing beautiful lawns and landscapes, but something greater. Rob’s dream of creating a treasured place where people could make a great career while doing work they love is fulfilled each day.

The Name, the Quest and the Crew

Your home is an oasis in which you can escape from the busy world. The backyard provides opportunities to relax, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the beauty and serene sounds of nature. Oasis seemed to be an easy choice for a name. But it goes beyond just the naming of a company. Our goal is to create an oasis, a literal escape for our team and customers.

It’s this goal that has created a workplace culture focused on having fun, showing appreciation and celebrating success. That isn’t a common environment in our industry. We strive to create rewarding careers for an enthusiastic team so they love coming to work each day.


Whether it’s an epic tale told from one of our many happy customers or one of our crew singing the praises of their daily adventures we know that what’s most important to us aren’t just lawns, landscapes or pest-free properties. What matters most is people.

The satisfaction of our customers drives the course of every decision our team makes. And we know that without a loyal crew of enthusiastic and professional people, we couldn’t all arrive to our mutual destination.

Whether you want to learn more about our services, are a happy Oasis Turf & Tree customer, or are looking for a rewarding career with a team you love, we invite you to browse our website and contact us when you’re ready.

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