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Before You Cancel TruGreen or Another Lawn Care Service, Do This

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Have you invested in professional lawn care but you’re not getting the results you desire? You’re frustrated and you’re ready to cancel TruGreen (or some other lawn care service that appears to have let you down).

We totally get it. Some of the reasons that we’ve heard from homeowners wanting to cancel lawn care services include poor results, poor service, or even feeling like you’re constantly being sold add-ons that you didn’t sign up for.

But before you start the TruGreen cancellation process (or canceling whatever lawn service you’re using), we have a few words of advice. Sometimes the process to cancel lawn care services isn’t as easy as it ought to be.

And before you cancel, you should also give your lawn care company the benefit of the doubt and allow them to make some changes.

Before You Cancel Lawn Care Services: See If The Problems Can be Resolved

Before you jump right in and cancel TruGreen (or some other lawn care service that you’re using), you should consider why you’re canceling and whether there is anything that can be done to remedy it.

For instance, could you ask the lawn care service to perform a lawn soil test so that they can identify what the problem is and how they can fix it? A lawn soil test is a really valuable way to see if there is an issue going on with your lawn that could be remedied. This could potentially solve some of your gripes with your lawn care company. Although many companies do not perform the service, it’s still worth asking.

lawn care team performs soil test

You could also have a conversation with your lawn care company about what some of your problems or complaints are before you jump right in and cancel your lawn care service.

But assuming you’ve already done that, and they haven’t solved your problems, it might be time to truly cancel your current lawn care services.

If so, read on to find out the best way to handle the process.

Before You Cancel Lawn Care Services: Be Prepared for How the Cancellation Process Might Go

We often hear from clients who started the process to cancel TruGreen services, or other lawn care services, only to be enticed to stay.

For instance, one typical tactic is to offer you a free service down the road—such as free aeration and overseeding in the fall. This sometimes entices customers to stick around for many more months in order to get that upcoming free service.

What it doesn’t do, is solve your problems!

homeowner reads fertilizer bag instructions while family plays

If you were calling to cancel lawn care services because you were unhappy with the results or even the overall experience, free services or discounts won’t fix your problem.

In fact, we really just see these as surface-level gestures that try to keep you happy even though you aren’t being listened to (and your problems are not being solved).

While “free stuff” is always tempting, it’s important to remember that if you were canceling because you paid for something and weren’t satisfied, you aren’t going to be happy just because you’re getting a discount or something for free.

Before you even begin to start that cancellation process, be prepared for how you’ll respond when they try to keep you.

What to Do When You Cancel Lawn Care Services

In addition to trying to entice you not to leave, you might also find that some lawn care services make it really difficult to cancel.

In fact, it has come up so often with clients who were trying to switch to Oasis Turf & Tree, that we wrote an article about it.

You would think you just pick up the phone and tell the company you want to cancel lawn care services. But sometimes they ignore the request—or, just pretend like they never got it. We have heard stories from customers who have called and canceled their services but then had the company still show up the next spring.

lawn care technician pours granular fertilizer into spreader

In order to make sure that you are definitely successful when you cancel lawn care services, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Make the phone call to cancel lawn care services and get the name of the person you speak to (and write that down).
  • Request a cancellation number or to receive an email confirming your cancellation.
  • Follow up your phone call with an email of your own, confirming that you have canceled services and do not want to be scheduled in the future. If you don’t receive any sort of confirmation email, ask that they reply to your email. Hang on to that email so that you have written proof.

It might sound excessive, but we have heard too many stories of cancellation requests being ignored (or somehow “lost”). You want to do what you can to cover all of the bases and make sure your request to cancel TruGreen (or another lawn care company) is acknowledged.

homeowner and lawn care technician inspect lawn

Once you do successfully cancel, you can make sure that you’re choosing wisely going forward. When switching lawn care companies, look for a company that is committed to improving your soil health.

This is often the missing factor in terms of why some companies can produce amazing results whereas other companies fall extremely short. Many lawn care companies simply don’t invest the time and effort involved in a lawn care program that focuses on soil health but that’s a huge disservice to you, the customer.

Rest Assured in Your Good Choice

While your former lawn care company might have left you feeling more frustrated than satisfied, when you choose wisely, you can let go of your worries and start enjoying your lawn. Once you cancel lawn care services and sign up with a company that has your best interest at heart, you’ll start to see the difference.

At Oasis Turf & Tree, we follow a detailed process that achieves superior results. We are also committed to using bio-nutritional fertilizers that promote better soil health.

Plus, we put a very strong emphasis on customer communication and satisfaction. Keeping you informed about what we’re doing, with personalized communication with your technician, is a top priority.

When all's said and done, we know that you’re looking for a lawn care company that offers you the best value for your investment, with superior results. As a company that has your best interest at heart, that’s exactly what Oasis has to offer.

Want to learn more about professional lawn care services for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky home? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program that’s right for you, and then sit back and relax as the pros help you get the lawn of your dreams!

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