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The 6 Top Reasons People Cancel Lawn Service

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Signs saying should I stay or should I goWhen you’re at a place where you need to cancel your lawn service, (whatever the reasons may be) you might be feeling frustrated. Not only do you need to go through the process of canceling (which you might not be totally sure how to handle), but you might then have to go about looking for another lawn care service.

Of course, we recognize that there are some very legitimate reasons why people cancel a lawn service, which there is no way around. If you’re moving, if you’ve lost your job, or if you’re dealing with some sort of hardship, perhaps you have no choice but to cancel.

But other reasons have more to do with mistakes being made or new ideas that you’re considering and these are the reasons where you need to tread wisely. What we mean by that, is that you have an opportunity to learn from others’ errors (as well as what may have gone wrong with your current choice in lawn care services) so that you can make the wisest possible decision moving forward.

A Word of Warning When You Cancel a Lawn Service

Before we go any further in explaining why people cancel, we want to issue a word of warning on how to handle canceling a lawn care service. It’s not a difficult thing to do, however, as soon as you go to cancel, there are some lawn care companies that will try desperate measures to try to keep you. 

For instance, be prepared that they might suddenly try to reduce their price or offer you a free application. Basically, they’ll make surface-level gestures in an attempt to keep you happy instead of really addressing the real problem (or your reason for canceling). 

We have heard so many stories like this from clients who have made the switch to Oasis so we wanted to share that it likely may happen to you. If you have a legitimate reason for canceling then be prepared to be firm in your decision.

With that being said, let’s talk about the 6 top reasons why people cancel a lawn service.

1. You’re Moving

According to the latest information published by the US Census Bureau, around 15 percent of people move annually (for a vast variety of reasons- housing, family, jobs, etc.). If you’re moving out of the service area of your lawn care company, then you’ll obviously need to cancel your lawn service.

People packing up their house to move

At Oasis Turf & Tree, we do cover a fairly large regional service area—Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and even into Northern Kentucky. For a lot of our customers that move within this region, this means not having to start all over again with hiring a new lawn care service. Oftentimes, we’re still able to work with our clients that move within the area.

2. You’re Experiencing Financial Problems

Homeowners who cancel lawn care for financial reasons can probably be broken into two categories: 

  • Those who have a legitimate financial problem (they lost a job or are experiencing a major hardship) or 
  • Those that are just looking to save some money. 

Those who fall into the latter category probably don’t feel they are getting the full value out of their investment. Many times, homeowners who cancel for “financial reasons” with one lawn care company ultimately end up hiring another that they think will provide better service (and thus give them better value for their money). Having an honest conversation with your current service provider can often times help address these issues. 

3. You Want to Try DIY Lawn Care

Another reason that some homeowners may decide to cancel their lawn service is that they decide they’re going to take a DIY approach. They might think, why should I keep paying for something if I can just do it myself? 

Unfortunately, we’ve worked with so many customers who have gone down this same road before you, and we’d love to save you some hassle if we can.

Lawn filled with crabgrass

First and foremost, it’s important to set yourself up with realistic expectations. A DIY lawn care approach is not going to yield the same results as a professional service. 

There’s really no way around that. We’ve written more about it in the article linked above but to sum it up, DIY lawn care is not as effective because you don’t have access to commercial-grade products, probably don’t have nearly as much time as a professional to devote to this (it usually becomes a “weekend project”), and there’s a lot more skill and know-how involved in it than people realize.

We have worked with a fair amount of customers who have canceled their previous lawn service, attempted DIY, and then come around to just re-hiring a professional anyhow (us). That sets you back a bunch of steps, though. Homeowners get frustrated because now they have to wait for the pro to help them restore their lawn’s health.

4. You’re Receiving Poor Service

If it’s a problem with the lawn care company itself that is leading you to cancel your lawn service, it usually comes down to two things: 

  • Poor service
  • Poor results (maybe both!). 

Let’s look at poor service, first.

Poor customer service from a lawn care company includes things like not showing up when they say they will, failing to follow through on promises, being difficult to reach, rude lawn care technicians, and so on. 

If you feel like you’re receiving really awful customer service from your lawn care company, and you’ve addressed it with them and given them the opportunity to fix their mistakes, then we agree with you that making a switch is prudent. 

After all, even if you’re getting decent results, you don’t deserve to have to deal with the headaches that come along with being treated poorly when you’re paying for a service.

5. You’re Getting Poor Results

If you’re not getting the results that you desire, then you may also be considering canceling your lawn service. Of course, in talking about results it’s only fair to also talk about expectations because we find that they can differ dramatically from person to person.

Lawn care technician inspecting lawn

At Oasis, we firmly believe in setting our customers up with realistic expectations so that they aren’t disappointed if something takes longer than they assume it should. Lawn care can feel like a slow process (particularly if you are expecting to see results overnight!). 

Articles that we have written, such as this one, give our clients (and potential clients) a realistic timeline of how long it can take to transform a lawn.

With all of that being said, if you have waited a reasonable amount of time for the lawn care program to work and you are still seeing lackluster results, then there may be something more going on. After all, not all lawn care companies are created equal. Some use subpar products, lack training, and experience, or even undersell you on the services that your lawn really needs. All of this can lead to poor results.

Poor results and poor customer service collide when you’ve taken the time to address your concerns regarding the results and your lawn care company still does nothing to help you.

Usually, this looks like a lot of runaround. You’ll be given a million excuses but no real solutions and you’ll feel like you aren’t being listened to. These are all legitimate reasons to cancel a lawn service.

6. You Assume You Don’t Need Lawn Care Anymore

In this case, maybe your lawn looks really good. In fact, it looks so good that you assume you don’t need lawn care anymore. Unfortunately, lawn care doesn’t work like that. It’s an ongoing and evolving process and it must be maintained over time.

If you stop investing in lawn care, your lawn’s health is going to start to decline. It’s as simple as that and there’s really no way around it. 

Of course, it’s true that over time, a lawn care program that focuses on soil health will lead to fewer materials needed on your lawn in order to achieve the same optimal results. 

But if you totally cancel the service, you’ll definitely see those great results start to diminish.

Choosing a Lawn Service in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH or Northern Kentucky (for the Long Haul)

Oasis Turf & Tree lawn care sign in Cincinnati lawnChances are, what you really want, is to hire a lawn care service that you don’t have to cancel! You want to find a lawn care service that is going to meet your expectations and essentially not give you any reason to even consider canceling.

At Oasis Turf & Tree, we do work with a lot of customers who have come to us from other lawn care companies so we know a lot about their common complaints (and how they’ve been mistreated in the past). 

But we really are different. It’s why we have so many customers that stick with us for the long haul (and we keep growing).

That’s not to say that we can work magic and transform a lawn overnight. We would be doing you a disservice if we made big promises like that (as some companies do). Instead, you can count on us to always be honest with you and tell you exactly what your lawn needs.When you choose to work with Oasis Turf & Tree, you’re able to cast aside your worries and know that your lawn is finally in good hands.

Want to learn more about professional lawn care services for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio or Northern Kentucky lawn? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program that’s right for you, and then sit back and relax as the pros help you get your lawn in great shape!

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