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Your Practical Guide To Organic Lawn Care In Cincinnati

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Organic lawn care service sign in Cincinnati

If someone were to ask you what kind of lawn you want for your Cincinnati home, you’d likely say that you want one that is healthy, green, and thick and would prefer to get it that way naturally.

People often call this approach “organic lawn care”. But what is organic lawn care, exactly? Is it necessary? Is it better or safer than other popular lawn care programs? Lawn care companies offer their programs in a variety of shapes and forms, with state-of-the-art methods, organic lawn care programs, and some that are a hybrid of the two.

To sort through the varying information out there and decide what is best for you and your lawn, let’s first understand what these methods truly are and what they both can and can’t do.

What is Organic Lawn Care in Cincinnati?

Organic lawn care programs seem like they should be simply defined but there still remains a lot of confusion around the topic. What one lawn care company calls their "organic" program looks much different than their competitor. To add to the confusion, some lawn care companies mislead customers with false claims, leaving the whole term of organic lawn care subjective.

An organic lawn care program, by definition, uses only 100% organic fertilizers and organic control materials for weeds and insects.

Some traditional companies offer an “organic” option to a segment of their customers while a few others take this approach exclusively. Companies that truly take this approach are very hard to find.

The Growing Popularity of Organic Lawn Care

The concept of organic lawn care is becoming more popular, largely due to the growing organic and eco-friendly trends, and the fact that people are becoming more and more conscientious about their exposure to certain products and chemicals. People are frequently looking for options that are safer for their family and better for the environment.

However, the challenge of a natural lawn care strategy is, will it deliver when it comes to results?

Will a 100% Organic Lawn Care Program Get You the Lawn You Want?

Dog on lawn treated with organic lawn careThere are all sorts of organic remedies for controlling weeds and insects. The problem is, that these methods either provide minimal results or have other unwanted side effects for your lawn.

Milky Spore bacteria may control Japanese Beetle grubs that come in contact with them, but you’d have to have a grub infestation for a number of years to spread it around in the soil. Plus it only works on Japanese Beetle grubs, which aren’t the only lawn grub out there. Likewise, vinegar may control that patch of troublesome clover in your lawn, but your grass also won’t grow back for quite some time.

Organic fertilizers will do a good job of providing nutrition to your lawn to make it greener and thicker, but they won’t address all the problems with your lawn’s soil.

Truly organic lawn care programs are better than doing nothing at all for your lawn, but they simply won’t deliver the results most people seek.

Are Commonly-Accepted Lawn Care Programs Safe?

People want results. They want their dandelions to go away, free from the worries of grubs, and a thick lawn that looks like someone rolled out the green carpet. Commonly-accepted lawn care programs employ the use of the following materials to work toward that goal:

  • Fertilizers:  These materials are applied in both granular or liquid forms to a lawn. The materials are much like the products that organic lawn care companies in Cincinnati provide, but they are man-made vs. being derived from organic sources such as poultry waste. These fertilizers will make a lawn greener and thicker, but do not address many underlying problems in the soil. Plainly stated, most fertilizers that lawn care companies apply only treat the symptoms of lawn color and thickness.
  • Weed & Pest Control Products:  Like fertilizers, these materials are also designed to treat common lawn problems. Weeds can be controlled without harming the surrounding turf. Pests can be addressed both on a curative and on a preventative basis.

These lawn care materials get good results in most cases. The EPA-approved materials, when applied by their label’s instructions, pose very negligible risks for people and animals.

However, many companies that use this approach to lawn care aren’t as responsible as they could be. These commonly used materials are often applied to the entire lawn in many cases even if they are not warranted. Years pass and the symptoms of ugly lawns are liberally treated over and over, without promoting the fundamental health of your soil.

This approach to lawn care is part of the reason people regularly search for natural lawn care in Cincinnati. They want good results but they are very concerned that some traditional lawn care companies aren’t being responsible.

People are also slowly starting to learn that there is more lying under the surface to growing a beautifully healthy lawn than throwing traditional products at every rising symptom.

Beware of False Lawn Care Claims

If a lawn care company claims the following things, they may not telling the truth:

  • We are 100% organic. Ask how they will control problems like weeds and insects. Chances are they will use common, man-made lawn care materials when they need to and may not tell you.
  • We can control your weeds and insects without using other lawn care control products like the other company you're talking to. This is not true. You will struggle with an ugly lawn for years and may go on to search for yet another organic lawn care company.
  • Our materials are completely safe. This could be a misrepresentation. If you follow the instructions these materials may pose very negligible risks. However, if your typical lawn care company blindly and liberally applies control materials over and over, they are selling you a bag of goods.
  • Your lawn will get better as time goes on. This is not the case if a strictly traditional or a 100% organic lawn care program is used. In order to get a lawn that requires less control products as the years progress, an alternative option is needed like Oasis Turf & Tree Care has to offer.

Check Out Our Lawn Care Programs & Costs!

The Oasis Approach to Lawn Care

Organic lawn care professional treating lawn in CincinnatiIs there a way to have the best of both worlds - a natrual lawn that improves over time while being able to control weeds and insects? We want the same things you do, getting a gorgeous lawn in the most responsible way. 

The best defense against weeds and insects is thick, healthy turf, and the best way to achieve this is to focus on soil health. While traditional lawn care programs primarily treat symptoms that affect the turf’s appearance, Oasis focuses on improving the soil to address underlying turf health issues.

Our approach to Lawn Care accomplishes the following goals:

  • Improving soil health, growing a healthier lawn
  • Reducing the need for control products over time

Unlike many lawn care companies that use typical approaches, we use a carefully selected blend of natural materials as well as state-of-the-art materials. Over time, our bionutritional materials will restore microbiological life in your soil that will help your lawn to be thicker, greener, and naturally solve its problems. It will be less susceptible to disease, drought damage, and will be an all-around better lawn.

Our lawn care program will provide your lawn with the natural ingredients and responsibly chosen control materials it needs to be strong, healthy and resilient. The highest quality products applied by our expert lawn care technicians will let you see a big difference in your lawn and have the peace of mind that you are achieving it in a responsible way.

Learn more about how Oasis Turf & Tree can help you get the lawn of your dreams by requesting a free estimate.

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