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How to Save Money on Lawn Care Services in Cincinnati

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So, you want to have a great-looking lawn but you don’t want to spend a fortune on lawn care. We get it. We know that a lot of homeowners are looking at how they can save money on lawn care services.

While we definitely don’t want to see any of your hard-earned money go to waste, we also don’t want you to choose cheap lawn care services. There’s a huge difference between “value” and “cost,” and when you go the “cheap route,” you wind up getting what you pay for.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to find lawn care services that are going to give you the most value for your investment…as well as some ways that you might be able to save a little bit of money while doing so.

How to Save Money on Lawn Care in the Long Run

First and foremost, since we’re talking about saving money, we want to be clear that it’s never a good idea to shop for lawn care based on price. Like most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for. That means if you are choosing a cheaper program, there’s probably a reason for it. They might be using cheaper-quality products, lesser-trained technicians, and low-quality equipment. 

Instead, it’s really important to recognize that when you are shopping for lawn care, it’s not just an apples-to-apples comparison. You really have to dive into what they’re offering.

lawn care technician spraying lawn

Here are a few ways to do that and ultimately save money on lawn care in the long run.

Choose a Comprehensive Lawn Care Program

Ok, we know this sounds totally counterintuitive. You’re trying to save money on lawn care services so you might be thinking about choosing a program with fewer services. But the problem is that’s probably going to cost you in the long run when you end up with costly problems that could have been prevented.

It’s also important to recognize that what might make one lawn care company seem less expensive is the fact that it’s actually missing some important services that you need. 

For instance, when people compare Oasis Turf & Tree to other companies they sometimes tell us that our program seems to cost more. But once they dive into what that other program offers they sometimes find it’s missing things that we include like Nutsedge control, grub control or a crabgrass control booster. Once they add those important services into the other program, it’s suddenly not so inexpensive. 

That’s why it’s actually better to choose a comprehensive program from the onset. Frankly, we hate it when companies try to nickel and dime their customers by leaving important services out of their program. It’s all a game in which they’re just trying to make their prices seem lower. But we’re here to look out for your best interest, not play gimmicky games.

Choose Proactive Lawn Care

A company that is proactively addressing lawn health rather than waiting for there to be problems to do treatments is actually saving you quite a bit of money. A lot of companies practice reactionary lawn care, treating problems as they arise. Many times this can lead to areas of the lawn being taken over by certain weeds, which can be costly to repair.

This plays into the point we were making above.

lawn tech praying for weeds

A common trap is to promote a lawn care program with only 4 to 5 treatments, that doesn’t include the essentials like nutsedge or post-emergent crabgrass controls, for example. Once you sign up, you’re asked to add services for your lawn for common issues like nutsedge or crabgrass breakthrough (that should have just been included in the first place). Be careful your new lawn care service provides you with a comprehensive program and discusses any potential additional needs upfront.

And don’t forgo preventative care just to save money on lawn care services. That’s short-term thinking and will set you up for problems in the long run.

Choose Lawn Care with Soil Health

This goes along with being proactive. Very few companies pay attention to the overall health of the soil, instead practicing reactionary lawn care and treating problems as they arise. However, finding a lawn care program that is focused on soil health will prevent problems and save you a lot of money in the long run.

lawn soil inspection

That’s because a lawn’s overall health is really dependent upon its soil. Healthy soil that is full of beneficial microorganisms will naturally fight disease and pests, which can be costly problems.

How to Save Money on Lawn Care Right Now

Honestly, focusing on good choices that will set you up for success, in the long run, is your best bet. While we don’t participate in gimmicky sales tactics like the very ones we describe above, there are some legitimate ways to save money on lawn care service costs right now.

Here are a few ways.

New Lawn Care Customer Discounts

Oftentimes when you’re just starting out with a company, there may be a lawn care discount involved. If you’ve been unhappy, switching lawn care services can be extremely easy and you may even save some bucks. 

Just don’t make the mistake of constantly switching lawn care services solely for this reason. There is a tremendous amount of value in a company that truly knows your lawn and its unique challenges.  

Pre-Pay Discounts

Another legitimate way to save money on lawn care services is to pre-pay for all of the services when you sign up. 

Pre-paying for service does not mean you’re bound to stay with the company for the entire year. If you choose to part ways, they are required to refund any funds in your account. Don’t stay with a bad lawn care service just because you still have a few more horrible lawn care treatments paid for in advance.

Referral Programs

Frequently overlooked but one of the easiest ways to put cash in your pocket, refer-a-friend programs are lawn care promotions that you should be taking advantage of to save money on lawn care services. 

If you find enough friends to refer, you could be getting your lawn care services for free.

Bundling Lawn Care Services

You can also save money on lawn care service costs by bundling services from the same company together. 

However, be wary of companies that might not necessarily be experts in other services or may charge you an arm-and-a-leg for them. Before hiring any company, take a comprehensive look at ALL the services they offer and what you might be adding to determine whether it's worth the discount.

Understanding the Value of Your Lawn Care Investment

At the end of the day, it really boils down to choosing a lawn care company in which your investment is truly going toward the improved health of your lawn. That means choosing a company where you’re getting a lot of value out of your dollars spent.


We have always been straightforward about lawn care service costs and customers usually appreciate our transparency. We not only spell out what you’re paying for (and what you’re getting) but we don’t play sales gimmicky games like so many other companies. 

We are honest and transparent and you can count on us to tell you exactly what your lawn needs.

Check Out Our Lawn Care Programs & Costs!
This is important because homeowners hire us to take away their worries…and that’s exactly what we do. By working with Oasis Turf & Tree, you can gain peace of mind that your lawn care is in good hands and you’re paying for exactly what your lawn needs to perform its best.

Ready to learn about professional lawn care services in Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program that’s right for you, and then sit back and relax as the pros take away your worries and help you get the lawn of your dreams!

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