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The Best Time to Fix Your Lawn: What You Can Do Each Season

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If your lawn is in poor shape, you might be wondering, What is the best time to repair your lawn?

But the truth is, there is no “best time.”

Good lawn care means taking a year-round approach with different services performed at different times. There are important steps that you should be taking during each season if you want to see the best results.
While we understand it’s easy to get hung up on the best time to fix your lawn and think that you should be waiting, we would urge that you not hold off.

Think of it like this…if you were talking about the best time to get yourself healthy, would you wait? Would you tell yourself that there’s a “best time” of the year to go to the gym?

Most likely you’d understand that the best time to get healthy is right away.

It’s truly the same with lawn care. The best time to fix your lawn is now. To help you better understand what your lawn needs (and when), we’re talking about steps for repairing grass that can be taken each season. Read on to get an overview of what lawn care services are performed during different times of the year in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Spring Lawn Care

The official “beginning” of a new lawn care season is the early spring, so let’s start here. Of course, we want to be clear that you can sign up for a lawn care program at any time and you shouldn’t wait until spring if you’re reading this in another season. Again, the best time to fix your lawn is as soon as you can start.

lawn care technician pours fertilizer into spreader

In the early spring, lawn care should include pre-emergent crabgrass control, the start of broadleaf weed control, and fertilization and soil health bionutrition.

In the late spring, you’ll need a crabgrass control booster and any breakthrough should be addressed. If you happened to miss that window for preventative control, you may require more post-emergent control.

Summer Lawn Care

As the summer rolls around, your lawn care program should evolve. If you are just getting started with lawn care and you’ve missed any crabgrass control, that can be addressed with a post-emergent.

lawn care technician sprays grub control

Summer lawn care should also include broadleaf weed control, grub control, continued surface insect control, nutsedge control, and continued fertilization and soil health bionutrition. The early summer is also the optimal time for surface insect control for chinch bugs and billbugs.

Skipping any of these services or signing up for a lawn care program that leaves some of these out is going to lead to problems. Unfortunately, some lawn care companies do offer their services a la carte, allowing you to “pick and choose.” When homeowners inadvertently leave out something important, it can be a big step backward.

lawn care team inspects lawn

In the late summer, there should be follow-up treatments for each of these services to keep your lawn in the best health possible.

Fall Lawn Care

While we’ve obviously been clear that the best time to fix your lawn is anytime, it could be argued that in terms of repairing grass, the fall is key. That’s because one of the best services you can have performed on your lawn is best performed in the fall. That is, lawn aeration and overseeding.

lawn care team aerates lawn

The fall is also an important time for broadleaf weed control and continued fertilization and soil health bionutrition.

Winter Lawn Care

In Ohio and Northern Kentucky, lawn care services are performed in the spring, summer, and fall since lawns then go dormant for the winter. However, that’s not to say that there’s nothing to do come winter. If you’re reading this article during the winter months, now is the perfect time to start talking to lawn care companies and learning what they can offer you.

It is also one less thing for you to worry about when spring rolls around. The last thing that you want to do is put this off even longer and get a late start with a lawn care program.

customer and lawn care expert inspect grass

Honestly, around here, sometimes spring-like temperatures can start as soon as February and you’ll start to see early weed growth. Don’t procrastinate and get stuck in a last-minute scramble. This will also help your company tremendously as it allows them to better prepare for the upcoming season by ordering the proper products and getting you added to the schedule.

When To Repair Your Lawn? The Answer is Now!

You’ve probably noticed a theme in this article and that’s the fact that no matter what time of the year you are reading this article, there is something that you can be doing for your lawn. Even if it’s winter, you can use this time to research lawn care companies and get on their schedule.

But if you keep putting these tasks off, you are only setting yourself and your lawn back.

There is ideal timing for everything in lawn care. There are services that are best performed at certain times of the year but they ultimately all work together (and build upon each other) to produce those amazing results you desire. If you try to “pick and choose” some services over others or even skimp on visits, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

That’s why Oasis Turf & Tree doesn’t even play those games. Our program includes exactly what you need at the times of the year that you need it. We don’t want to shortchange you just to make you feel like you saved a couple of bucks. In the end, we know that only leads to disappointment and the need to spend more money to get your lawn back on track.

We’ll be honest and transparent from the start about what your lawn needs.

Though it may be tempting to put off your lawn care, it will ultimately only make it take longer to get your lawn into good health. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

Want to learn more about professional lawn care services for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky home? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program that’s right for you, and then sit back and relax as the pros help you get the lawn of your dreams!

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