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Leaders Who Invest in Your Growth: Why Millennials Love Careers at Oasis Turf & Tree

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Research shows that millennials (currently the largest generation to be in the labor force) look at jobs as “opportunities to learn and grow.” In other words, they aren’t just looking for a paycheck but a career that can give them development opportunities both personally and professionally. 

The Green Industry can be a great place to find careers for millennials, many of which do offer those growth opportunities that they crave.

At Oasis Turf & Tree, we’re committed to helping our team members grow. But before you drop that job search and apply with Oasis, we suspect you’ll want to learn a little bit more.

Climbing the Career Ladder

In terms of appealing jobs for millennials, those which provide opportunities to move up within the company are most appealing. According to a recent Gallup Poll, 87 percent of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job. 

Oasis lawn care technician fertilizing lawn

Within the Green Industry, some lawn care companies are more committed to this than others. 

At Oasis, our team members say that they appreciate we provide opportunities to “climb the career ladder.” One of our Lawn Care Technicians, Nick Twinning, says that he has been impressed by the clear career path he’s been shown along with the support he’s been given to ultimately move toward his goal of moving to a service manager role. 

A plan is in place for Nick to fulfill what he needs to move up.

“In a recent meeting, we sat down and I evaluated myself, including what I felt comfortable with and areas that I needed to do more work on in order to move forward,” Nick shares. “We talked about skills that might be lacking and what I would need to learn during the offseason in order to fill in the knowledge gaps in those areas.”

This investment in our team also includes investing in any certifications that they may need to move up.

This is something that Chip Marksberry, Master II Certified Turf & Tree Technician, appreciates.

“At Oasis, they not only pay for you to earn certifications but they give you a pay raise once you do,” Chip says. “They actually want you to take advantage of these opportunities to further your education and they reward you for doing it. That kind of blew my mind when I first started here.” 

Oasis Turf & Tree technician spraying shrubs

Chip certainly took advantage of these opportunities. He is certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) as both a lawn care and tree care technician.

Nate Wickemeyer, Service Manager, has had a similar experience and says he’s appreciated the opportunity to move up within the company.

“I was a Lawn Care Technician for 4 months and when the season ended, I was asked what my goals were,” shares Nate. “I said that I wanted to go as far as I could with the company. I loved the idea of being a leader and getting to educate a team. I was promoted to Service Manager. This is currently my third season as service manager and I oversee a team of between 6 and 8 technicians. I have found it very fulfilling.”

Personal Growth Matters, Too

As we mentioned, research indicates that millennials think of growth not only in terms of professional development but in terms of personal development, too. Careers for millennials that are most appealing are those that support personal growth. In other words, millennials want their careers to make them better people.

A great career should help you grow as a person no matter what industry you’re in. It should help you to become a better communicator, to work better with others on a team, and maybe even help you make a difference in the world. 

Happy Oasis Turf & Tree employees

Of course, not all jobs offer all of that.

But at Oasis, we do keep personal growth in mind. Our management has an open-door policy so that our people always feel like they’re being heard. We welcome communication from our team, even when it’s about a problem. If you’re struggling with something or think that we can be doing a task a better way, we want to hear it! 

Nate says that this is something that he noticed right away when joining the Oasis team as it’s not something he experienced in past jobs.

“Your voice and your input are always heard at Oasis,” Nate says. “In fact, Oasis urges all employees—whether they are brand-new or have been here a long time—to share their thoughts. If someone has a suggestion or an idea, it’s listened to. That makes you feel like you’re important and that you matter.”

We also always want to address any conflicts or concerns that may arise immediately. The last thing that we ever want is for a problem to fester. This open line of communication really does help us ensure that we maintain a positive environment. It eliminates work drama that we hear is so frequently a problem at other workplaces. This also helps team members avoid taking “work home with them.” There should never be a time when a workplace issue should be weighing on your mind when you’re enjoying time with friends and family at home.

In addition to that, Oasis also promotes a good work/life balance. That’s something that Brian Myers, Licensed Turf and Tree Specialist, noticed right away.

“At my previous position, I could see that all my regional managers were worked so hard—long hours with no real work/life balance,” Brian recalls. “I didn’t want that to be my future. I have a family and things I enjoy doing outside of work. I wanted to find a company that respected that.”

Brian has found that with Oasis. He says he has also found a positive company culture so that when he is at work, he enjoys being here.

Choosing a Career with Growth Potential

If you’re out there looking for jobs for millennials, particularly those that can offer you growth opportunities, then we invite you to consider a role with Oasis. Our team members, like the ones we’ve interviewed for this article, say that they feel Oasis provides and supports growth opportunities, unlike other companies that they’ve worked for. 

Oasis Turf & Tree team

Of course, we commend you for doing your research and looking for an opportunity that is best for you. If we can answer any of your questions or be of assistance in your research process, we would love to help. 

Choosing the best career for you is an important decision and one that should ultimately set you up for a bright future where you can continue to grow.

Looking for lawn care jobs in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH? Consider joining the Oasis Turf & Tree team and find out more about how you can become part of the family and have a career you can feel proud of.

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