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Is Lawn Care Safe for My Kids?

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When it comes to your family—more specifically, your kids—nothing is more important. That’s why you might be asking questions like are lawn services safe?

After all, you want a green, healthy, and thriving lawn that your family can enjoy together. So often, this becomes a stage for special memories like that backyard pick-up football game after Thanksgiving dinner or running barefoot around the lawn in the summer with the kids.

But you still want to know that lawn care is safe. You certainly don’t want to produce amazing lawn results at the expense of your family’s safety in any way.

Fortunately, lawn care is safe. Let us share a bit more information that will help ease your mind so that you can continue enjoying your lawn to the fullest.

Are Lawn Services Safe? Yes, When Product Safety is Prioritized

First and foremost, we can confidently answer is lawn care safe? with a “Yes,” because we only invest in high-quality, safe products. The products utilized obviously have a huge impact on how safe a lawn care program is.

These are products that are continuously and rigorously tested by the EPA. That’s important to us, too. After all, we are also using these products around our homes—and many of us are parents or grandparents, too.
lawn care technician pours fertilizer into spreader
Our fertilization products are made from elements that are naturally occurring in the yard. Because they are dry, granular products, it is safe for children to be in the yard immediately after an application. Our pre-emergent weed controls are also granular products.

As far as curative weed control, we do use a liquid product and that’s because it yields the best possible results. However, the way in which we apply the product helps to make it safe.

That brings us to our next main point, that the way in which lawn care products are applied is also imperative to safety.

Are Lawn Services Safe? Yes, When Applied Properly

In addition to using safe products, it’s also critically important that they are applied properly. We want homeowners to know that Oasis Turf & Tree is working with well-trained lawn care technicians who are cautious to apply any lawn care products that we use as they were meant to be applied.
landscape company doing team training
We go above and beyond with training, even using the off-season to make sure that our lawn care technicians are keeping all of their skills fresh.

As far as the liquid weed control products that we use, it’s important to know that we are only spraying active weeds on the lawn. Because we are spot treating and not putting down a blanket application (as many lawn care companies do because it’s so much quicker), we are really minimizing the amount of product in the lawn.
lawn care technician using spot sprayer
While these products are safe, in order to maximize safety, even more, we ask that parents keep their children off of the lawn until these liquid products have dried. That usually takes between one to two hours.

It also always helps to keep an eye out for any children’s toys (or pet toys) that might have been left on the lawn prior to an application. While our technicians will move these if they see them, that’s just another safety step that can be taken to ensure added peace of mind.

Choosing a Lawn Care Company that Cares

A lot of this boils down to choosing a lawn care company that cares about your safety. There are a lot of lawn care companies out there that give our industry a bad rap because they rush through services, overapply, or, in general, just use poorly trained lawn care technicians to do the work.

But Oasis Turf & Tree takes safety incredibly seriously. As we mentioned, many of us are parents and grandparents, too, and we know that children’s safety always comes first.
mom and child lay in safe healthy grass
When it comes to answering is lawn care safe, it’s important to be selective about the lawn care company that you choose. The truth is, we can’t answer confidently that all lawn care companies are using safe products or applying them properly. But we can tell you that at Oasis Turf & Tree, we are doing both of these things—and keeping safety at the forefront.

That’s why it all comes down to making a wise choice. When you shop on price and choose the company that charges a little less, you don’t know if they’re cutting corners or buying cheaper products.

At the end of the day, we believe that having a great lawn should never come in the way of protecting your family’s safety. And fortunately, it doesn’t have to. With a wise choice in lawn care companies, you really can have the best of both worlds.

Want to learn more about safe and effective professional lawn care services for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky home? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program that’s right for you, and then sit back and relax as the pros help you get the lawn of your dreams without the worries.

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