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Hiring a Lawn Care Company: Review Off-Season Activities Before you Choose

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lawn care in winterDid you know that most lawn care companies lay off a majority of their staff in the winter? Not just one or two employees, but almost everyone. Most lawn care companies go down to the bare bones in the off-season.

But that’s not true of all lawn care companies. Some of them invest in improvements and use this time to do important tasks that will have a direct impact on their customer service.

And that’s why you should note which lawn care companies in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and Northern Kentucky care enough about their customers to do this. A company that uses the off-season to continually improve is one that is investing in being the best.

Whether you’re switching lawn care companies or you’re looking for the first time, you want to make a great choice so that you are happy with the service.

Understanding what lawn care companies do in the off-season can give you a good indication about what that company is all about. Here are just some of the ways innovative companies are using the off-season in order to be better for you.

Extensive Staff Training

If you are hiring a lawn care service, then one of the things that you should look for is a company with well-trained professionals. Training takes time and it can be difficult for companies that go dormant all winter to get their people trained before a new season starts up. Oftentimes that equates to them doing “more of the same.” They’re never improving or striving to be better.

What you want is a lawn care company that provides constant and ongoing education, even during the off-season. A company like this is using that downtime to upgrade more than their licenses. They’re helping team members to obtain new certifications past the bare minimum requirements.

lawn care service training in off-season

Plus, they’re training on customer service, equipment, agronomics, and more—participating in both internal and external training opportunities.

Most importantly, they’re not just trying to pack it all in days before the season kicks off. Training like this takes time, it takes planning, and it takes preparation. It can’t be crammed in at the last minute.

Employee Evaluations

Part of hiring a lawn care company that you can feel confident is going to do a great job is knowing that they have great people performing the work. Training is certainly a huge aspect of that, but employee management is also incredibly important. You want to know that, behind-the-scenes, the lawn care company you’ve hired has employed only the very best people on its team.

Ensuring that’s the case comes down to regular employee evaluations.

This is another task that may be handled in the off-season when there is time to extensively evaluate each employee. A great lawn care company manages its employees, ensuring that they’re staying at the top of their game.  

Program Improvements and Product Upgrades

In addition to choosing a lawn care company that has well-trained people, you should choose a company that has the best lawn care program with the best products. After all, that’s an ingredient in the service that you’re ultimately paying for.

Hiring a lawn care companyWhile you would hope that your lawn care company is constantly looking at ways to improve its services through methods and products, the truth is that most companies get “stuck in a rut.” They have been offering the same lawn care program for years and they’ve never made an effort to evolve and improve using the latest research and science.

But innovative lawn care companies are using the off-season as a time to look at how they can improve upon what they’re doing. They are not satisfied with the “same old, same old,” because they want to give their customers the best possible results.

Use This Tool to Compare Local Lawn Care Companies

Choosing a Proactive Lawn Care Company

If you were wondering why you should care what your lawn care company does in the off-season, it should be apparent now. This glimpse behind the curtain of what lawn care companies are up to when they’re not busy working with customers reveals the benefits of being proactive. And in the end, it directly impacts you.

Oasis lawn care trucksUnlike some lawn care companies in Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, and Northern Kentucky, Oasis does not revert to a skeleton crew in the winter. In fact, we retain the vast majority of our employees, for the very purposes discussed in this article (training, certifications, evaluation, and continual improvement, to name just some).

By choosing a proactive company like Oasis, that is taking the time to constantly improve, you are making the decision to invest in a 12-month lawn care strategy that will directly benefit you.

If you want more information about how we’re improving our lawn care strategy this year, and would like to learn about our lawn care program options for your Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, or Northern Kentucky home, then feel free to request a quote. Then sit back and relax, knowing you’re on your way to a worry-free lawn.

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