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How to Get Rid of Ants at your Ohio Home

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Carpenter ant in OhioAlthough ants are considered pests when they invade our homes, in nature the presence of ants can be beneficial to humans, particularly in agriculture. That’s because some ants are predators and feed on insects which traditionally attack crops.

While ants are recognized as valuable helpers out in the natural world, we know the last thing you want is to find them in your home, and you likely want to get rid of ants as quickly as possible before the situation worsens.

These troublesome ants can also pose a nuisance in your yard. If you and your family are having a backyard picnic or simply enjoying sitting in the grass, you certainly don’t want to deal with ants crawling all over you!  Inside or out, if you’re seeing an ant problem, we understand you want a solution that works.

Common Ant Species in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

In the Ohio and Northern Kentucky region, we have a number of common ant species. Unfortunately, the infamous Carpenter Ant is one of them. Carpenter Ants are among the better-known ants because they are so large. They can grow up to ¾” long and often make their homes inside wood. While Carpenter Ants don’t feed on the wood as termites do, they can still cause damage with the tunnels they create to make room for their nests.

Other common ants in the region include Pavement Ants (also referred to as “Slab Ants”) and Odorous House Ants. Odorous House Ants earned their common name because they smell like rotten coconut when crushed. They are considered one of the most common pests in our region and much more likely to get inside a home than many other types of ants. We often see increased activity during rainy spring and summer days, when they are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Ant in house in OhioAny time you see ants inside your home, it can indicate a problem outside. It may be that these ants have nests set up outdoors and are only making their way inside temporarily because they are seeking high and dry ground during rain or have followed a path inside to food. Some species, like Carpenter Ants, have been known to forage up to 100 yards from their nest for food. If you find ants in your kitchen, they may be feasting on spills, crumbs or other lingering food remnants.

Ants can be tireless in their efforts to bring food resources back to their colonies; they will find food deposits in drains, cracks, and other hidden spots, regardless of how meticulously you clean.  

In most cases, getting rid of ants means tackling an outdoor problem. Their colonies are often around or near a property’s foundation. Once you start treating the exterior on a regular basis, you should notice ant activity inside drop off drastically.

Options for Ant Control in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

There are a lot of pest control companies in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH, as well as Northern Kentucky, that claim to deal with ants. But it’s unlikely you need an exterminator if you only have a minor ant problem. Typically, Perimeter Pest Control will be enough to do the job.

Ant control services for your Cincinnati, Dayton OH or N. Kentucky home.Having a lawn care company that is already servicing your property add this service will cost a fraction of the amount to hire a traditional exterminator- plus they’ll be taking the same steps as an exterminator while spraying the outside foundation of your home.  Perimeter Pest Control works by creating a “shield” to keep the pests from creeping into your property in the first place. The ants come in direct contact with the applied products—which are undetectable to them--when attempting to get inside.

One of the biggest benefits of Perimeter Pest Control is that the technician never has to enter your home. The service is performed entirely outside, which offers you the convenience of not having to be at home to let someone in. In addition, Perimeter Pest Control will not only get rid of ants, but will also help keep spiders, centipedes, and other creepy-crawlies away.

Whereas Perimeter Pest control is applied at the foundation of your house, and can keep ants out of your yard in the future, you will also need to take care of any ants that have already set up their colonies in your lawn. An Ant, Flea, and Tick Program can deal with existing ant problems on your property, and it helps with other pests too.

This kind of ant control program ensures that ants no longer have the opportunity to ruin a great time in your backyard. You’ll be able to enjoy outdoor dinners, sitting in the grass with your kids, or running barefoot on your lawn, without ants crawling all over your feet and legs.

Oasis Turf & Tree Can Help You Get Rid of Ants

If you’re dealing with an invasion of annoying ants, we can help. Our ant control products are incredibly effective in reducing ant populations- by about 90%. Many clients tell us that once the product starts working they rarely notice a pesky creature again. We apply these products in six-week intervals in order to create a constant barrier around your home, keeping the ants continually at bay.

Ant control services for your Cincinnati, Dayton OH or N. Kentucky home.Because today’s products are much safer than those used a decade or more ago, we do educate our clients on the importance of keeping up with the ongoing service.

Treating with our ant control products four times each year, starting in the spring and going through the fall, provides the protection that will prevent ants from becoming a problem for you.

If you’re worried about getting rid of ants, we have the answers! There’s no reason to live with the burden of ants when we have easy and safe solutions that will work for you and your family.

If you’d like to find out more about the Perimeter Pest Control or Ant, Flea & Tick services we offer in Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky, call us at 513-697-9090 or contact us for a free estimate.

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Image Sources:  Carpenter Ant, Odorous House Ant

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