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Why Our Pet-Friendly Lawn Care Services Are Something to Howl About

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Couple sitting with dogs on pet-safe lawnWhen you have pets that you love, it’s only natural they end up spending a lot of time outside with you and your family. While outdoors, you want them to have a safe and enjoyable experience in your yard.

However, as a responsible pet owner, you may have some concerns about pests like fleas and ticks as well as the safety of the lawn application you may be using. You want to be able to have a nice lawn and get the maximum level of enjoyment out of it, but you don’t want to worry about the safety of your pets.

That’s why you want to be sure that you’re choosing pet-friendly lawn care services so that you can have a nice lawn but also protect your pets. You don’t want to feel as though you must choose one or the other. You want the best of both worlds.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Lawn Care Services

Golden Retriever standing in lawn

First and foremost, you want to be certain the products being applied to your lawn are not going to make it unsafe for your pets to be out there. With your dogs having their faces close to the ground, sniffing around, and touching their bare paws to the grass, you don’t want them to come into contact with anything harmful.

Fortunately, the steps taken by pet-friendly lawn care companies will help ensure that your pets are never in any danger.

In order to keep your pets safe during an application, it’s recommended they are kept inside. Once the product has been applied and fully dries (typically after about two hours), then it is safe for your pets to be outside again. That’s because as the liquid material dries on the plant material it is absorbed or bonded to the surface so that it won’t get picked up on pets’ skin or paws. Because of this, you can let your pets back outside feeling confident that they’re in no danger.  

In addition to using safe products that are applied properly, a lawn care company that addresses soil health in order to promote a healthier lawn, will also ultimately make your lawn more pet-friendly. That’s because, over time, a naturally healthy lawn requires less product. A program that focuses on soil health is vital to a thriving lawn but is something a lot of companies overlook.

Protection Against Fleas and Ticks

Deer tick on leafUnfortunately, safe lawn care applications are not your only concern. Worrying about your pet coming into contact with fleas and ticks while spending time in your yard can quickly put a damper on your level of enjoyment. After all, these pests can carry diseases and cause bites and itching that could make you and your pet miserable. Plus, they can make their way into your house!

Any time we hear concerns about fleas and ticks, we suggest a three-pronged approach to ensure that you and your pets are fully protected.

  • Treat Your Yard:  Treating your yard with Ant, Flea & Tick Pest Control is like putting a moat around your home and your family to protect them from pests that could be lurking in your yard. These treatments keep out the majority of these pests by treating areas where they tend to hang out. It’s a barrier of protection when you are outside and also reduces the chances that pests make it inside.
  • Treat Your Pet:  Treating your yard is just one layer of protection (albeit an important one) and it’s not a replacement for treating your pet. You should also follow the veterinarian's recommendation when it comes to using a flea and tick prevention product on your pet. Most products need to be applied every month in order to offer your pet full protection.
  • Treat Your Home:  If you already have a flea or tick problem within your household then it’s important that you call an exterminator. Treating your yard can prevent future fleas and ticks from making it into your home, but it’s not going to treat an existing problem already occurring inside of the house.

An Added Bonus: Ant Control

Carpenter Ant on woodWhile ants likely won’t likely bother your pets, they can still be a frustration for you and your family. If you are trying to enjoy an outdoor picnic or even just sit in the grass, the last thing that you want is to have ants crawling all over you.

An added bonus to using Ant, Flea, & Tick Control is that it will also take care of ants. In the same way that the product works for fleas and ticks, this program will reduce the pest population in your backyard.

Bundle and Save

There are a lot of companies that take advantage of the fact that these services are so vital. They charge an arm and a leg, knowing that people will pay it because they want to protect their pets and their families.

We believe that the responsible action is to make this service affordable.


At Oasis, we have three different priced tiers of lawn care. For only a nominal fee starting at just $46.50 per year, you can add our pet-friendly lawn care services option on top of your program. This includes the pet-friendly lawn care service option add-on which gives you a lot of value for only a little bit more cost and peace of mind.

Choosing from Pet-Friendly Lawn Care Companies

Oasis Turf and Tree lawn care sign

By choosing a lawn care company that is pet-friendly, you are making a responsible decision to keep your pets safe. This means not only choosing a company that has safe products which they apply correctly, but also a company who will take steps above and beyond, simply because they care. These will include actions such as the following:

  • Communicating ahead of time with you about your pets and any considerations that should be taken.
  • Closing and latching any gates that were opened during the visit.
  • Picking up any pet toys or bowls found in the yard before an application.

Finding a company that truly cares about doing what’s best for your family, your pets, and your property will help you feel confident that there is nothing to worry about when you are outside with your pets. Rather than feeling anxious every time you’re on your lawn with your pets, with the right protection and, with safe lawn care, you’ll be able to truly enjoy your time outside.

If you’d like to learn more about our pet-friendly lawn care services or our Ant, Flea and Tick Control program for your Cincinnati, Dayton, OH or Northern Kentucky home, get your quote, help us find the program that’s best for you and your pets, then sit back and relax.

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