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LawnStarter Review: Is it a Reliable Source?

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Shopping for lawn care can be complicated…and even frustrating at times.

With so many different lawn care companies out there making different claims, it can be hard to know what’s true. 

On top of there being so many lawn care companies to choose from, then you also have third-party lead-generating sites in the mix. We’ve written before about Lawn Love, which is a third-party service provider (not an actual lawn care company). If you’re in search of lawn care, they’ll find a local company that will do the work.

This is very similar to LawnStarter.

LawnStarter calls itself a “marketplace for outdoor home services.” But you might be wondering, is LawnStarter legit? Is this a reliable source for finding a lawn care company? 

In this article, we’ll dive more into what LawnStarter is all about and why you should be wary.

Is LawnStarter Legit?

Yes, LawnStarter is a legit company. Like LawnLove, this is a third-party service that connects homeowners in search of lawn care with a local company that will do the work.

In reality, this is a tech company that knows how to pull in leads and then pass them on to actual lawn care providers, obviously taking a cut of that money.

These days there seem to be more and more of these lead-generating sites masquerading as service providers, when all they’re really doing is connecting you with a lawn care provider (which you probably could have found yourself).

lawn care expert meets homeowner

The main idea behind their service is to make things quicker and easier for you than taking time to do research and choose a company to hire.

While that might work for something that is a one-time service (like painting or even one weekend of mowing when you’re too busy to do it yourself), it’s not something that works well for lawn care, which involves ongoing services. 

In fact, with a successful lawn care program, each service builds off the last. 

We’re also not fans of this model because you simply don’t know WHO you’re getting. You might get a different lawn care company or technician every time.

lawn care technician spraying grass

The best analogy that we can use is that it’s a lot like hiring a big box store to install a carpet or do some plumbing for you. They’re subcontracting this work out to a local company. Wouldn’t you rather just work directly with a company that has built its reputation in the community over a long period of time? 

Rather than using a “middleman” to connect you to a local lawn care company, why not go straight to the source?

Is LawnStarter Good?

People also want to rightfully know whether LawnStarter is a good company to work with. As we’ve explained above, they aren’t an actual lawn care company. 

While the LawnStarter reviews on their own site make them appear like a great company to work with, they have clearly hand-picked testimonials from satisfied customers. 

family plays in backyard on grass with dog

However, if you search “LawnStarter review” online, there’s a bigger picture. 

We are not trying to say they are a “bad” company. But there are certainly plenty of unhappy customers out there who weren’t happy with the lawn care crew or technician sent out. 

Since LawnStarter is not an actual lawn care company, there’s just a lot of uncertainty in the process. And there are too many different ways that things can go wrong.

Know What You’re Getting with Lawn Care

As if choosing lawn care wasn’t complicated enough, now you have sites like LawnStarter trying to capitalize off of lawn care leads. But when you go this route, it muddies the waters. Instead of working directly with a lawn care company, you’ve now got this middleman involved. 

Instead, you can choose to work directly with a local lawn care company and start building success with a lawn care program.

We know there’s a lot of emphasis on making things “quick and easy” which is why a lot of these third-party lead-generating sites are successful. But with just a little bit of work in researching local lawn care companies, you can find one that is the right fit and choose to work directly with them. 

Ultimately, it will mean better results. 

After all, when you just choose the first company that comes your way, you risk wasting money on lawn care that doesn’t work. Plus, you may wind up back at square one and have to start the research process all over again if you’re unhappy with the company you chose.

Gain peace of mind and know what you’re getting by making a wise choice from the start.

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