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5 Steps a Pest Control Pro Takes to Keep Pests Outside of Your Home

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When pests like spiders, ants, and centipedes (among other creepy crawlies) are lurking around your home’s foundation, they’re bound to find a way in. That’s why you’d like to keep them as far away as possible.

So, how exactly can you get rid of these nuisance pests? You might assume that you have to call an exterminator. But the fact is, there are many circumstances in which a lawn care service offering Perimeter Pest Control can do the trick.

Is a Perimeter Pest Control Pro Right for Me?

Before we go any further, let’s figure out the best course of action for your pest problem. Our Perimeter Pest Control service addresses pests including (but not limited to):

  • Ants

  • Spiders

  • Centipedes

  • Millipedes

  • Crickets

  • Earwigs

However, if there’s already a substantial, existing problem (such as a heavy infestation of pests inside of your home), then finding an exterminator is going to be your best bet.

We should also mention that our products will not control rodents.

Assuming a Perimeter Pest Control pro is, in fact, the best route for you, then let’s look at the steps that can be taken to keep pests outside of your home.

Step 1: Formulating the Game Plan

It’s important that we understand what you’re dealing with. That way, when our technician arrives at the property, they already know what you’re concerned about before spraying the outside of the house for bugs. Our initial conversations with you will help us to determine a game plan. Of course, if we have visited before, then our technician will begin their visit by reviewing the notes from last time and building off of that.

Step 2: Performing an On-Site Assessment

Once our Perimeter Pest Control technician arrives, they already know what you’re concerned about but they’re still going to perform their own on-site assessment the first time that they visit. Our technicians are already well-versed in common backyard pests and how to spot them. They’ll look for the problems that you may have already mentioned as well as other problems that they possibly see.

Of course, given the fact that not all of our Perimeter Pest Control clients have an existing pest problem (they’re just trying to prevent one), there are not always visible signs of any issues and that’s fine too.

Step 3: Spraying Outside of the House for Pests

Pest control technician spraying near shrubs outside homeFor Perimeter Pest Control, we spray 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the house and go around the entire perimeter of it. This creates a shield around your home that reduces pests.

We sometimes get asked how this is different from a homeowner spraying a product that they can purchase themselves. Store-bought products are generally repellents which pests avoid crawling through, the idea being to keep them away. But you want more than that. You want to control the pests and that’s what Perimeter Pest Control will do. It will eliminate them and therefore prevent them from even having a chance to make their way into your home.

Step 4: Returning to Build Upon Success

Perimeter Pest Control includes four treatments from the early spring through early fall. This is the prime time when pests are thriving around your home.

When the technician returns for the next series of treatments, it’s important to recognize that they’re not just showing up in isolation and starting all over again. They’re actually building upon what they have already done. This will ensure that the shield stays active at all times, never giving pests an opportunity to break through.

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Step 5: Taking Time to Relax, Finally!

Once you have Perimeter Pest Control being performed in a regular basis, you can relax knowing that everything is being taken care of for you. This program is designed for ease and convenience for the homeowner, giving them nothing to worry about. Our customers say that the best thing about it is the peace of mind that they’re able to gain as far as not having to worry about pests coming into their home.

Oasis mosquito control technician spraying plants in lawnPerimeter Pest Control is also a simple add-on service. Many people find it convenient to have one company take care of all the things around their home instead of having to hire individual companies for each task.

At Oasis, our program is thorough and effective, and generally costs less than what others charge. That’s because we use some of the same high quality products to those that exterminators utilize on a regular basis to treat the exterior of your home. Our clients tell us it gets the job done and is an added value for them as part of the work they’re already having performed.

A note for clients that are adding perimeter pest control because of a problem (not to prevent one): We ask that you have just a little bit of patience. The program will need some time to work before you start noticing that your problem has been solved. As long as your interior pest problem is not extreme, you’ll likely find that giving it just a little bit of time will save you from the hassle and expense of hiring an exterminator.

No matter why you’ve hired us for spraying the outside of the house for spiders, ants, centipedes or other pests—because of an existing problem or just one you’re trying to avoid—the goal is the same: Peace of mind. That’s exactly what you’ll gain by working with a company that you can trust.

If you’d like to learn more about Perimeter Pest Control for your Cincinnati, Dayton, OH, or Northern Kentucky home, call us at 513-697-9090 or get your quote online and help us find the program that is best for you, then sit back and relax knowing these pests are being kept away.


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