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10 Reasons Our Team Loves Working at Oasis Turf & Tree

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Jobs in Cincinnati, Dayton OH and Northern Kentucky become careers at Oasis Turf & Tree.Wouldn’t you like to love where you work? Are you eager to make it into the office each day? To many that concept probably sounds too good to be true.

In fact, a number of studies over the years that have analyzed the US workforce’s level of enthusiasm for their jobs show that as many as 40 percent of Americans are unhappy where they work. That’s depressing for a number of reasons including the fact that studies also show hating your job can rob you of sleep, affect your social life, and even hurt your immune system.

Loving your job is important. After all, it’s where you spend a vast majority of your waking hours. When you’re happier at work, you’re happier at home, too.

At Oasis Turf & Tree, we have found that our team really does love working here. Every company wants to think that their employees are happy, but for us, it’s more than important. It’s imperative.

We know that happy employees work better with our clients and with one another. And they reinforce a positive team culture, which we really value. You can easily notice the difference with happy employees who are smiling and always show up to the office ready-and-eager to work—and those that are dragging their feet.

As one of the fastest growing lawn care companies in the United States, we believe our employees like being part of a winning team. But there are many other reasons they like working here, too. We surveyed our team members in all facets of the company to find out why they love coming to work each day. Here’s what they had to say.

Reason #1: The Family/Team Environment

When surveyed, many of our people used the word “family” to describe how they felt about the Oasis team. Oasis Turf & Tree is a family owned company and though it’s growing very fast, our employees say the family environment has not changed, and they appreciate that.

One team member said that after having worked for larger companies in the past, where he got lost in the shuffle, he particularly appreciates the family feel of Oasis.

Reason #2: Our Commitment to Quality

Jobs in Cincinnati, Dayton OH and Northern Kentucky become careers at Oasis Turf & Tree.The word “quality” also came up frequently in speaking to team members. Our people say they love being part of something that they can be proud of and appreciate a name they can stand behind. In other words, our people feel good about the work they do here.

The Oasis team appreciates being part of something bigger than just the task they were hired to complete. One team member says “it’s refreshing to work for a company that is committed to constantly improving our products and equipment to ensure the best quality is given to every customer.”

Reason #3:  Getting What Is Needed to be Successful

Whether it’s top-of-the-line equipment in the field or the best computers in the office, our team says they feel they are given the highest quality tools to be successful at their jobs.

Reason #4:  Opportunity to Make Great Pay

Jobs in Cincinnati, Dayton OH and Northern Kentucky become careers at Oasis Turf & Tree.Our team members know they are some of the best paid in the industry. We offer good salaries and comprehensive benefit packages because we believe our team members are worth it.

We also offer our team members two-weeks paid vacation because we know that time off is important. And our team members say they love the fact that there are so many opportunities for commission and bonuses that are paid each week of the year.

Reason #5: On-Going Company Improvement

At Oasis Turf & Tree we know that our growth has an impact on our people--both our team and our customers. That’s what drives us. And that’s why we want to keep getting better. One team member says: “The owners and management team always go the extra mile to ensure that Oasis Turf & Tree goes above and beyond. That is what makes Oasis a special place to be!”

Reason #6:  Working for People That You Like and Respect

Jobs in Cincinnati, Dayton OH and Northern Kentucky become careers at Oasis Turf & Tree.It’s tough going to work every day for a boss or for management that you don’t like. But at Oasis, our team says there is a mutual respect among the owners and the team. “The owners of Oasis are some of the most caring and giving that I’ve ever met,” says one team member. “It is always enjoyable working toward a shared goal with people that are easy to get along with and that you know have the team’s best interest in mind.”

Reason #7:  Opportunities for Growth 

Oasis Turf & Tree is a fast-growing company and our team members say that has provided them with a lot of opportunity for growth. One team member says “the owners of the company give all the tools for their employees to achieve internal growth.” When there are opportunities for promotion, Oasis always looks at existing employees first.

Reason #8: Focus on Education

Jobs in Cincinnati, Dayton OH and Northern Kentucky become careers at Oasis Turf & Tree.Our team members say they appreciate the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skill with regular training. One team member says he “learns something new every day.”  Another says that any time he recognizes an area that he needs training in, he can notify the management team and it’s set up, regardless of expense.

And with an on-staff professor that teaches our Turf, Tree & Shrub, and Pest Control training, our team is getting the best information out there.

Reason #9: Being Appreciated and Treated with Respect

Our team members appreciate that management gets to know them on a personal basis and really cares about them on a deeper level. The management consistently goes above-and-beyond with special activities such as sports outings, games of kickball or wiffle ball, and cook-outs.

One team member says: “I have never worked at a place that has appreciated my contribution as much as Oasis has. It makes me excited to come to work every day and do my job at 150 percent.”

Reason #10: Being Part of Something Special

Our team gets excited about coming to work because they know they are part of something bigger. Something special. One team member says: “It’s nice to know that by working for Oasis Turf & Tree, you are part of something special by not only being part of the family but also by treating customers as if they were part of the family, too.”

Join our Team

Jobs in Cincinnati, Dayton OH and Northern Kentucky become careers at Oasis Turf & Tree.At Oasis Turf & Tree, we are always looking for good people to join our team. We know our people are what help make us so successful and are constantly looking to expand our team in order to keep up with our rapid growth.

If you’re looking for a place to work where you will be valued for your contributions, then a career with Oasis might be the right choice for you. You can find out more about a career with Oasis on our website along with the job listings we have available.

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