Jacob Tatman

Lawn Care Technician

Working in the Green Industry has been part of Jacob Tatman’s life from the time he started earning money. It started with mowing but over the years has transitioned into working in lawn care, landscaping, and even golf course management.

With all of this industry experience, it was Oasis Turf & Tree’s stellar industry-wide reputation that drew him in.

“I just knew that Oasis was a really great company and a great place to work,” Jacob shares.

He says that having industry experience, Jacob can also attest to the fact that Oasis delivers top-notch work.

“Having experience in the lawn care industry, I knew of the high-quality work that Oasis was known for and I wanted to be a part of that.”

When not at work, Jacob says he still loves spending his free time outdoors and fishing. He’s also trained as an MMA fighter and has been in several tournaments.