Andrew Titkemeyer

Licensed Lawn Technician

Andrew TitkemeyerAndrew Titkemeyer says that it was a desire to get outside that lead him to apply for a job at Oasis. He says that he loves being outside, on the move, and getting fresh air—and his previous jobs indoors just weren’t leaving him feeling fulfilled. Now he says each day is both rewarding and enjoyable.

A meticulous person, Andrew says it is his attention to detail that makes him good at the lawn care work he performs. He takes pride in a job well done and won’t accept anything less than perfection. Andrew says that the detail-oriented nature of the work as well as the freedom in taking responsibility for his routes and getting to know customers are what he likes best about the job.

Outside of work, Andrew stays busy as the lead signer of a local band. The group is currently working on putting out their first album.