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Aeration and Overseeding (AO) season is upon us! With the heavy clay soil in our area, aeration and overseeding are some of the best tools to transform your lawn. Learn about the processes of AO, the benefits to your lawn and some specifics about Oasis’s aeration overseed programs with David Lee, our Master II Certified Quality Assurance Expert. Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio, as well as Northern Kentucky are prone to heavy clay soils. This type of soil is dense and makes it challenging for the roots of the grass plants to reach the water and nutrients it needs. In the process of aeration, hollow metal tubes, called tines, puncture the soil and pull out plugs of soil. When these plugs are taken out of the soil, the roots of the grass can expand into these spaces and it allows them to reach the nutrients and water it needs. The plugs will remain on the top of your turf for about 8-10 days, until they break down into the soil, but the benefits remain for the season. Here at Oasis Turf & Tree, we do what is called a double- pass core aeration. In this process we go over the same area of the turf twice to remove twice the amount of plugs compared to a typical aeration. Another service we offer in the fall, is overseeding. This service would happen during the same application as your aeration, when the soil is open to the seed. The best time to overseed is in the fall, because it gives the grass plant time to establish itself before the intense heat of summer. It is also important to take into consideration the type of grass seed you use. Here at Oasis Turf & Tree, we use a special blend of turf-type tall fescue, because it it the best type of grass for our environment. Turf-type tall fescue can withstand the dramatic changes in weather and is the most resistant to problems like disease and drought, that are common in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky. Along with your overseeding, we also apply a starter fertilizer to help the new grass establish itself. Aeration and overseeding are meant to thicken up thin areas in the turf. It's important to keep in mind that bare areas larger than your average dinner plate will take more than one season of aeration and overseeding to completely fill in. The last thing to do, is to follow the watering instructions provided to you by your technician. Supporting new grass growth with the proper amount of water is vital to the survival of your young turf.

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