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Fall Armyworms are surface feeding insects that feed on the green canopy of plants. While they are typically a southern climate insect, our area has recently seen an infestation of Fall Armyworms caused by the migration of the species in the nation's recent tropical storms. While this damage is new to our area, we are hopeful for a full recovery, but there are a few things to do to help the recovery process of your grass plants. Dan Kruthaupt explains identification, proper watering techniques, and more about Fall Armyworms in this video! Fall Armyworms invaded the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio as well as the Northern Kentucky area suddenly in August. Seemingly overnight these brown striped caterpillars chewed through lawns, leaving large brown areas and dead looking grass. Fall armyworms are not native to this area and were likely blown in during the 2021 tropical storms. Luckily, we are seeing great recovery after damage and army worms cannot overwinter in Ohio because they cannot survive colder temperatures. Army worms only eat the canopy of the grass, which does not kill the plant, but leaves the crown of the plant exposed and high heat could subsequently kill he plant. That's why it is important to syringe the lawn. Syringing is the process of watering for a few minutes during the heat of the day to keep the crowns of the plant cool. Following this process should result in a full recovery of your turf.

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