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As the seasons transition in the fall, a number of changes in the weather impact our lawn's overall health, as well as our ability to treat certain areas. In this week's video, Adam Zellner, the Vice President of Sales, walks us through some of these challenges and best practices to avoid damage. The first fall change that can impact treatments is leaf coverage. As the seasons and colors change, trees loose their leaves as part of their natural lifecycle. If your lawn has 50% or less leaf coverage, we will still be able to treat, as the weight of our fertilizer will make it down into the soil. If your lawn has more than 50% leaf coverage, we will not be able to do your application and still ensure proper coverage, so in this case, we will reschedule. The best way to manage the leaves in your yard is to mulch the leaves. Mulching leaves is simply going over your lawn with a lawn mower, thus breaking the leaves down into bits. This process is great for the soil and turf, because it is reintroducing that organic plant material and the nutrients back into the lawn. The second fall change we notice when the temperatures drop is morning frost. When frost shows up, the turf is exceptionally sensitive to damage. Here at Oasis Turf & Tree, if there is frost cover, we delay the start time of our technicians to give the frost time to melt. As a customer, the best way to avoid damaging the turf, is to avoid walking on the grass until the frost melts. If you do notice frost damage, it is important to remember that the grass will recover, but it will start the recovery process in the next growing season, which is the following spring. Lastly, as the holidays arrive, many of us love to decorate our lawns to celebrate our traditions. When you receive your call ahead, if you have inflatables or other props on your lawn, it would be really helpful if you could move them off your lawn until the application is finished. At that point you can go right back to celebrating the holidays. If we arrive and there are still decorations on your lawn, we will do our best to treat around them, however, if we find that this would be detrimental to your decorations or the lawn, we will reschedule that application. We love the fall and everything that comes with changing seasons, but sometimes with change comes challenges. We hope this video is helpful, and look forward to seeing you all next week!

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