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The Oasis Team loves pets and, because of this, we know how important it is to find a program that keeps the safety of your furry friends in mind. Danielle Whalen, a Customer Experience Manager at Oasis Turf & Tree, explains the safety of our products and the role you can play in maintaining the safest yard for your pets in this weeks video. It is possible to find a company that gives you great results, and keeps the safety of your pets at the forefront. We only use products continuously, and thoroughly tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our granular products are safe for contact immediately after application. This includes our fertilizer, grub control, preemergent for crabgrass and our service feeding insect control. Our weed control is in a liquid form, and is safe, but for extra caution with your pets, we ask that you wait and hour or so to give the product time to dry before letting your pets out. Also, we spot spray for the weed which means we typically only spray active weeds in the lawn. Some companies blanket spray for weeds, but the downside of this is that after your lawn gets thicker and healthier, your lawn is still getting all of those chemicals that it sometimes does not need. Our goal is to decrease the amount of weed control we use as your lawn's need for weed control decreases. The best defense against weeds is a thick and healthy turf and when we provide that, we reduce the amount of liquid weed control on your lawn. As a pet owner, there are only two things to keep in mind. First, when you get your notification that your service will be happening soon, try to keep the toys out of the grass. This gives the technician the space to efficiently and effectively service your lawn. If we notice any in the yard, we will move them to a safe area, but any help form you on this front would be greatly appreciated. Second, give the weed control time to dry before letting your pets out to ensure an extra layer of security for your pets. We love seeing happy families, enjoying their yards with their lovable pets! We are so thankful you trust us with your fur-babies, and look forward to giving you the lawn of your dreams to enjoy with your family! And we are sure your pets will love having a great lawn to play in!

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