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Watering your lawn is essential to the overall health and survival of your turf grass, but many of our customers wonder, "How much water should we be putting on our lawns and how often?" Here at Oasis Turf & Tree, we suggest a half an inch of water, twice a week, per zone with a sprinkler or irrigation system. This allows the plant to develop a healthy and strong root system which will benefit the turf. Learn some home tricks to ensure you're lawn is getting enough water, as well as a breakdown of your lawn's watering needs in today's video with Turf & Tree Specialist, Chance Prewitt. Here in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky, it is so important to implement the best watering practices, because of our hot summers, and frequent weather changes. When the water saturates the soil a half an inch deep, this encourages the root system of the grass plant to grow deeper towards the water, which encourages strong roots. If we water everyday for just a few minutes, that water will not get into the soil deep enough, and the grass roots will remain shallow. This isn't very healthy for your grass plants. You want to water your grass half an inch twice a week, to supply the turf with the full inch of water it needs per week. Rain is not always going to saturate the soil the way it should. A lot of our heavy rains in this are arrive quickly and leave just as fast, which results in immense run off. Just imagine what the streets in your neighborhood look like after a heavy storm. When there is that much runoff, the soil doesn't receive the saturation it needs. Similarly, consistent drizzling is not enough water to saturate the soil to the depth it requires. If you are unsure if your lawn is getting enough water we have two great home remedies for you! The first is to place a tuna can in the area of your yard you are concerned about. This works as a makeshift rain gauge. Remember that your average tuna can is 1 inch deep which is the amount your lawn needs every week. The second is to use a screwdriver as a soil probe. If its difficult to put the screwdriver in the soil, you probably need some more water! Even though it can be easy to forget that your grass is just like every other plant, it needs water to survive. Your grass plant will thrive with a half an inch of water, twice a week, so be sure to supply your lawn with the water it needs, and we'll supply the rest!

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