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We know weeds are a hassle. That's why here at Oasis Turf & Tree we make it a priority to rid your yard of these unwanted plants. However, some weeds may take a little longer to treat than others, and some weeds we simply can't treat at all. Dagan Stiles, a Licensed Lawn Technician, walks us through different types of weed control, some of the more challenging weeds to treat, and touches on grassy weeds- those pesky weeds we cannot treat, in this week's video. For more information on managing grassy weeds, check out our video, 3 Tips for Managing Crabgrass and Other Invasive Grassy Weeds. A weed can be any type of undesirable plant in the lawn, but they are typically separated into two categories: Broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds. Broadleaf weeds are the plants you typically think of as weeds, for example, clover and dandelions. Grassy weeds are grasses that look different than the turf grass you have on your lawn. There are also two types of weed controls: Selective and Non-Selective. Selective is the type of weed control we use here at Oasis. This weed control "selects" the Broadleaf weeds and controls them without killing the grass. This ensures we can spray your lawn and not damage your grass. Non-selective weed control effects both the weeds and the grass, and will kill any plant it touches. A common non-selective weed control is Round Up. Our selective weed control is highly effective, however, weather can play a factor in how well we can treat some weeds. Ground Ivy and Wild Violet are two great examples of weather- dependent weeds in terms of control. These two plants develop a cuticle, or a waxy coating in the summer that makes them difficult to treat. These weeds are easier to control in the Spring and Summer, so it may take a few applications to treat for these weeds in your lawn. Remember, the best defense against weeds is a thick and healthy turf, so the healthier your lawn is, the less space weeds have to grow.

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