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Flea and Tick Control for Lawns: The Who, What, Where, When & Why

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The presence of fleas and ticks in your yard is a nuisance. But these pests can be more than just pesky. They can be dangerous to your pets, your children and you. Flea and tick bites are painful, and can transmit diseases directly to people (such as Lyme Disease from ticks and Typhus from fleas) or via your pets (such as Cat Scratch Disease, which is transferred from flea to cat to human). You certainly do not want your children or your pets to accidentally track these pests into your home.

We’ll explore why flea and tick control for your lawn is so important, answering your questions concerning who does it, what it is, where they should treat, and when you should have it done. First of all, the “why”—which is simple: to protect you and your family from pests.

Who Does Flea and Tick Control?

Flea and tick control for lawns to reduce pests in Cininnati, Dayton, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.You already know that you want to keep fleas and ticks out of your home. So you might be wondering who to contact for help. Pest control companies target the inside of your home and serve an important purpose in doing so, but you might not need that type of service if you don’t have a recognized interior infestation.

A lawn care company that offers flea and tick control for lawns is a valuable ally in your defense against pests, because these applications address the larger areas outside in the yard  where pets and people spend a lot of their time. By treating the exterior of your home, the hope is to keep fleas and ticks from being tracked inside at all.

It’s also important to note that topical treatments for your pets, as advised by a vet, go a long way in keeping pests out of your home as well. Even if your furry friends are not picking them up in your yard, they may be coming in contact with these pests if you take them to a park or trail.

What is Flea and Tick Control?

Flea and tick control products are applied directly to the lawn in order to target pests that have made their way onto your property. At Oasis Turf & Tree, we use a liquid product, which is a superior choice due its effectiveness in targeting fleas and ticks in the areas where they’re commonly found.

While some homeowners buy flea and tick control products at a big box store and apply it themselves, they find there are nuances involved in using this type of product. Is the mixture getting diluted properly? Are you spraying the right concentration? Are you covering enough area with the product?

At Oasis Turf & Tree, our trained and skilled technicians work with professional-grade, highly-effective products, and they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to application rates. For something as serious as disease-carrying pests, we know you want the best possible protection.

Where is Flea and Tick Control for Lawns Applied?

Flea and tick control for lawns to reduce pests in Cininnati, Dayton, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.At Oasis, our flea and tick control program includes spraying the entire lawn. That’s because these pests can be lurking anywhere. Are you wondering how fleas and ticks are making it onto your property in the first place? The answer in a lot of cases is rodents. These pests feed on creatures like mice, rabbits, opossums, or other roaming animals such as feral cats, and then go along with them for a free ride right into your yard.  

When Should Flea and Tick Control Occur?

The timing and rates of product usage are critical to its overall success. Fleas and ticks first appear each year in Ohio and Northern Kentucky in the spring, which is when we start spraying. At Oasis Turf & Tree, we begin applications in mid-April and go through mid-September, at approximately six-week intervals, for a total of four treatments in the year.  

Flea and tick control for lawns to reduce pests in Cininnati, Dayton, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.Our flea and tick program also targets ants in your yard, providing the additional benefit of reducing these pesky, picnic-spoiling bugs throughout your lawn at the same time we are protecting you against the more dangerous pests.

As previously mentioned, however, don’t assume that treating your yard for fleas and ticks means you can stop treating your pets. The more safeguards you have against these nasty pests, the better. We advise that homeowners treat their pets and their yards. The more layers of protection you have, the better off you’ll be.

Why Get Flea and Tick Control from Oasis Turf & Tree?

Flea and tick control for lawns to reduce pests in Cininnati, Dayton, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.We’ve already mentioned what we know is probably your main reason for considering flea and tick control, and that’s protection, which we can provide. Furthermore, applying the product correctly and safely is critical to its success, so having a professional handle this service for you ensures you have done all you can to guard your family and your pets from these worrisome pests.

While fleas and ticks are two of homeowners’ biggest concerns, our flea and tick control program does target crawling insects in your lawn so you get the added benefit of keeping other pests like ants from ruining your time in your backyard. That provides our clients some nice peace of mind knowing their entire yard is covered.

For more information on flea and tick control, contact us for a free consultation or give us a call at 513-697-9090 so that we can answer any questions.

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