Matt Lawrence

Master I Certified Service Manager

Matt LawrenceAs a service manager, Matt Lawrence oversees some of the technicians here at Oasis. Over the years, Matt says that he has grown to be quite passionate about improving peoples’ lawns. He would love for homeowners to know just how much dedication and effort is put into each and every lawn the company works on.

In addition to lush lawns, Matt adds that he is also passionate about the Oasis team.

“The best way that I can help Oasis to have happier customers is to focus on helping my team to become better technicians,” Matt says.

“We never stop trying to improve ourselves.”

Matt has both a background in the industry as well as in the Military Army Reserves and says that both of these experiences have helped shape him into the person he is today. What Matt likes most about the work at Oasis is its hands-on nature. He also appreciates the satisfaction of a job well done and says that it’s a very rewarding profession to be in as you get to watch lawns make incredible transformations.

Always one to be active—both at work and at home—people may be surprised to learn that Matt achieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do while in grade school. Today Matt is an avid Cincinnati sports fan. He also enjoys writing and music and says that he is driven by always trying to be a good example to his kids. Matt is a father to 5, including the kids between his fiancée and himself. As a family man, Matt appreciates that Oasis believes in a healthy work/life balance.