Chip Marksberry

Master II Certified Service Manager

As a lawn technician, Chip Marksberry says he enjoys the opportunity to communicate with clients and help ensure their lawns are the best they can be. It is his calm and collected personality that makes him a great problem solver. As someone who is never easily agitated, he is always able to troubleshoot issues on his feet and make the best choices even under pressure.

Chip has spent a lot of time on customers’ lawns and he says his best advice is to make sure you always aerate. In our region, the predominantly clay soil can get incredibly compacted over time. But aeration is a great way to loosen the soil and allow more nutrients to make their way to the roots of the turf.

While most of us around here know Chip as being laid back, we were surprised to learn that he’s also someone who is a bit of a thrill seeker in his free time. Some of his hobbies including riding his dirt bike and ATVs, fishing, skiing—or doing basically anything outside. Though he’s all about calculated risk and wise decisions at work, Chip says that at home, he loves that adrenaline rush of taking big—and sometimes crazy—risks.


Pesticide safety and handling, turf grass management, ornamental tree and shrub, general pest control, mosquito control, and a national Landscape certification.