Adam Fintak

Master I Certified Technical Specialist

Adam FintakAdam joins the Oasis Turf & Tree team as a Lawn Technician. Adam has similar experience in the industry from his time spent at ONLA as a Nursery and Landscape Technician. However, jobs in the green industry is not Adam's only experience. He's also been a cook at a fine dining restaurant. What made it most interesting was the face-paced and intense kitchen environment.

Adam's enjoyment of working outside every day and his drive to learn and grow in the industry is what lead him to the opportunity at Oasis Turf & Tree. Now that he's been here for a little while, we asked Adam what he enjoys most about working with Oasis Turf & Tree. His reply, "the family and team environment. I'm learning more every day!"

If customers were able to see behind the scenes here at Oasis, Adam think they'd appreciate, "getting the knowledge out of the process that we do. A lot more makes sense about your property if you take the time to learn about it." His best piece of advice for customers is, "to trust the process, it works!"

Adam is very outgoing and knowledgeable, making him ready to help both customers and his coworkers any way he can. Adam particularly enjoys meeting face-to-face with customers so that they can feel as confident as he does about working on their property.

An interesting fact about Adam that no one else knows, is he's left handed, but uses his right hand for everything. His hobbies and passions include creating or playing music on his drum set, playing lacrosse and anything else outdoors (especially sports).