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In Ohio, there are many factors working against your lawn - weather, foot traffic, diseases, pests, weeds, and more! Over time, the soil in your lawn becomes tightly compacting, preventing the proper nutrients from reaching your grass roots. Alleviate your grass from stress and enjoy a thicker, healthier lawn with our Lawn Aeration Service!

Aeration to Give Your Lawn a Boost

Aeration is a simple process with many beneficial effects for your lawn. Our experienced technicians will remove small plugs of soil from, allowing your lawn to breathe again. Here are just a few more benefits of aerating your lawn:

  • Creates a path for water, nutrients, and oxygen
  • Breaks up thatch accumulation 
  • Alleviates soil compaction
  • Brings your lawn back to life
  • and so much more!

While you should have your lawn aerated more than once a year, the most recommended time to aerate is in the fall. 

Enjoy a Thicker, Healthier Lawn 

Without occasional alleviation, your lawn won’t reach its full potential. With our Aeration Service, we provide your lawn with the relief it needs, at the times it needs it the most! Consistent aeration will give you a beautiful, green lawn all year long.

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