Exceptional Services and Unrivaled Results

Higher quality products, highly trained technicians, and better equipment all add up to a lawn that you are going to love to sink your toes into. No gimmicks – just the right stuff applied the right way by the best people. With our total system approach, we can achieve long-lasting results for you and your family for years to come. Experience the quality!

An Approach like Nature Intended

Here at Oasis Turf & Tree, we’re all about building the health of your soil. With our trusted lawn care services, you’ll benefit from more than a beautiful lawn:

  • Longer Lasting Results: We apply the treatments your lawn craves, and nothing it doesn’t, so you’ll notice that your lawn spends less time in a dormant state and more time growing strong.
  • Resistant and Resilient Turf: Our lawn care services are comprehensive. This means, with each service, we’re providing the nutrients and care your lawn needs to withstand unpredictable weather and common wear and tear.
  • Well-Balanced Soil: We focus on the health of your soil and the products we use, uniquely designed to improve the overall well-being of your soil.

Quality Products & Precision Driven Applicators

Because we utilize state-of-the-art precise applicators in all of our treatments, we can afford to apply the highest quality products. Our products include:

  • Bio-nutrition to return microbiology back into the soil.
  • Phosphorous to build the long-term health of your lawn.
  • Granular fertilizers that are applied separately from your weed control treatment to ensure quality, environmentally responsible care.