Environmentally Responsible

Do you care about your home, your lawn, and the air you breathe? So do we! From our fuel efficient fleet with GPS route management to our responsible applications, our focus is to use less carbon monoxide, fewer chemicals, and less wasted water, and still provide you with an amazing lawn. Learn how we do it!

Building Soil Health = Fewer Chemicals

Most companies want your soil to become dependent on fertilizers and weed treatments because it helps them stay in business. We believe in taking the opposite approach. By building the health of your soil, we’re able to apply fewer products over time. This approach is better for the environment and easier on your wallet!

Reduced Watering

Did you know that an Oasis lawn requires 20% less water than an average lawn? That’s just one more benefit of returning your soil to the way nature intended.

Less Carbon Monoxide

To serve you as quickly as possible, and reduce the amount of carbon monoxide we release into the atmosphere, we manage our fleet using GPS mapping. This means we send one technician to one area of the city at a time, rather than scheduling jobs on the opposite side of town